A curved screen and 4K UHD resolution come together to make the Panasonic TX55CR430 one of the most stunning TVs in its class.

Curved screen
The Panasonic's sweeping, curved screen, doesn't just look stylish, it truly draws you into the action. Curved screens give greater depth to the image, making scenes look more natural and life-like than ever.

4K Ultra HD
With UHD (Ultra High Definition) 4K screen resolution, the Panasonic TX-55CR430 brings astonishing levels of detail to your home viewing. This resolution is four times greater than the more conventional 1920 x 1080 Full HD TVs and it's a difference you can clearly see.

Optional 3D
For even greater depth, the Panasonic offers the option of 3D. Simply purchase Panasonic Active 3D glasses and you can enjoy a totally immersive 3D experience. Images don't just appear to be in the room but also behind the TV itself! With the Virtual 3D setting you can even watch normal 2D programmes in simulated 3D.

PANASONIC TX-55CR430E - curved LED Smart TV