This high-performance standard lens has the equivalent angle of view as a 38mm lens (35mm equivalent focal length) on the Micro Four Thirds system and 28.5mm (35mm equivalent focal length) on the E-mount sytem. Three glass mold aspherical lenses provide excellent correction for distortion and field curvature. The inner focusing system corrects the fluctuation of aberration to maintain image quality regardless of the focusing position. Sigma's Super Multi-Layer Coating reduces flare and ghosting and provides high contrast images. The superior telecentric optical design improves the image quality throughout the frame. This lens benefits from a newly developed linear AF motor which moves the lens units directly without the need for gears or the drive of other mechanical parts. This systm ensures accurate and quiet autofocusing, making the lens suitable for video recording as well as still photos.

SIGMA Art 19 mm f/2.8 DN black - lens for Panasoni