Smart phone watch is good for on the go use, and is compatible for any android device. Excellent for incoming and outgoing phone calls and allows hand free use. This product is light and durable for high intensity exercise,
our comfortable rubber adjustable strap sits securely on your wrist. Installed with many exciting applications such as anti-theft, which will alert you when taken away from a certain distance of your smart device.

Smart Phone watch

  • Smart phone possess a power save feature, that will prolong battery life at a standby of 120 hours. There is a built in side camera that is able to capture and support both images and video. 
    This not only a Bluetooth smart, but also a second phone. You can answer the call or read the messages on it when it is connected with your phone by Bluetooth. When your phone is power off, you can input your SIM card in the watch, then it soon become a second phone for you.
    Supports Bluetooth (3.0 version) to connect with iPhone and android phones.